Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

More Old Crap

September, 2008. Boy was I wrong then, but let's just see who has the last laugh in 2010.

Senator Obama (D-Galilee) has adopted the "Justin Timberlake Defense" rather than nut up about his lipstick slur. A gentleman would have apologized, but then again, a real man wouldn't have said it. Since all is now fair, apparently, I give you, in the voice of an angry Hillary voter (do I repeat myself?):


Barry, you... dear,
Did this sow's ear
Hear right or are you joking?
Even Slow Joe
Appears to know
Whose pig it is you're poking.

Your lame denial
Just makes us smile
When we see your tiny prick
Of conscience
But you lack sense
If you think we'll forget quick

How Gadarenes
Of the mainstream
Pressed to cup your silken purse.
Ignorant swine,
In slow decline,
Swallowing your pearls (or worse).

Phony Jesus,
You can't please us.
You're one more flaccid porker.
No boar: a bore,
A boor, a snore--
Our Hill? O!, how'd you dork her?

Play your race card
You soft, and hard-
ly high-toned, politician.
Ow! (uh?) you howl?
You dare cry foul
'Bout a "common expression"? .!..

So now we're fish,
You metro swish?
Stick your finger in our eyes?
Well, "Pigs" will do--
We'll vote for you
On the day that we can fly.

Sarah Palin
Is impaling
YOU, and you WILL remember:
It's YOUR lipstick
On your wee wick
That we'll mock in November.


via The Other McCain (who is more worried about his reputation than he lets on. Else why no links when we've been up 2 weeks already?)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Old Crap

to tide you over. GFY.

Here's one from back when nobody but a young dewy eyed community organizer from the wrong side of the border thought we'd elect a Commie President.

(after Gilbert and Sullivan (and Iowahawk!); to be played on a rusty calliope)

I'm the very model of a modern Candidate-General.
I've information vegetable (especially arugul...)
Uh...uh... O! I am clean and bright and uh...uh... articulate.
Did I ever tell you, from Harvard Law did I matriculate?
I'm very well acquainted, too, with people communistical.
I ditch them when they "dis" me Kos I'm very egotistical.
With my flip-flopping positions, it seems I'm always in the news.
But be assured I'll screw Israel Kos it's full of fucking Joos

But be assured He'll screw Israel Kos it's full of fucking Joos!
We're sure He'll screw Israel with a "Farrakhan you" to the Joos!
Yes, rest assured He'll screw Israel Kos it's Pfleging full of Joos!

Tell the bitter clingy yokels I'm THE post racial candidate
Do not look behind the curtain; ignore my church that preaches hate.
I said, in matters vegetable (especially arugul...)
Uh, let's say I'm a suitable modern Candidate General.

He said, in matters vegetable (especially arugul...)
O! says that He's a suitable modern Candidate General.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Barry O's A Cock to Asclepius (abridged)

Say, Barry, is it really such a good idea to raise taxes in a faltering economy just to pay for your vanity project that is going to enslave then kill us all?:

IOW, hamana hamana hamana. Want to see the unabridged answer? Try looking out your window.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baarbara, Come Out to Play-ay!!

Mickey Kaus is a lifelong Democrat and writer for Slate. He is running in the California Senatorial primary against Babs Boxer. In his words,

I have no special beef with the incumbent, Barbara Boxer. She is a state-of-the-art Democrat. But to be "state-of-the-art" in our party is not such a good thing anymore....
It means the incumbent supports a "card check" bill that would effectively take away the secret ballot from workers in order to give more power to the big unions-- including public employee unions--whose influence over our great industries and our government has led to disaster. 
"State of the art" means the incumbent endorses a misguided immigrant legalization scheme, a conditional amnesty, that would create a huge incentive for more illegal immigration--before we're sure our broken border has been fixed to withstand it... 
Common sense tells you that when you can't fire bad teachers because their union won't allow it, you'll get bad schools. Common sense tells you that when you keep flooding the labor market with new unskilled workers, wages will deterioriate. 
To see why the state-of-the-Democratic-art isn't working for the nation, you only have to look at the state of the public schools, the state of our auto industry, and the state of our local and national budgets ...
This isn't the Democratic party I signed up for. It's not the party many common sense Democratic voters signed up for."
I don't agree with a lot of Kaus's prescriptions or even with his identification of the problems, but that isn't the point anymore. One of the first steps to liberating this country is to revitalize the two-party system so that BOTH parties truly represent all their constituents within the AMERICAN tradition. Enough with the ticket-punchers and corrupt sell-outs.

Naturally, Babs doesn't want Mr. Kaus to be heard, lest her subjects' gentle ears be offended and their minds be forced to engage.

Well, we have news for you Ma'am Boxer. It's time to play-ay!:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mock Ye Not Ra

Ra does not pitch. Be grateful he deigns to toss.

And lets not get bogged down in the birther issue. You wouldn't want to be associated with some of those crazies who think he was born in Kenya.

In fact, the whole movement is rotten to the core. Here's another teabagging birther racist.